The Coventry Airport smuggling gang leader was caught smuggling cocaine into the Southend area. He was jailed for 20 years in 2002. His gang is still in business They no longer bother with fake £20 notes these days they are smuggling counterfeit £50 notes. They no longer use cargo planes as helicopters are far better for smuggling.

Please play the video of the speech I made in the Houses of Parliament on 2nd December 2014 about human rights abuse by the police & police authority.

In February 2008 I attended a conference in London held by Women against rape. They explained how victims of crime can take civil action against persons who had abused their human rights. So shortly after that meeting I took action against the Chairman of the police authority who I had found out was a family friend of one of the men who had terrorised my family in October 2002. Thursday May 15th 2008 was a normal working day I worked for MEL Secure System. myself and 2 other engineers were working on a project for a local authority involving hidden cameras to catch flytippers. On the Friday I had arranged for a local garage to collect my car from work, do a repair and return it in time for me to drive home. I was just getting ready for work when our doorbell rang. It was the police. I was under arrest for harassing Labour Alderman Phillip Blundell. A policewoman said, Mr Blundell is a VIP and you are not allowed to annoy him by trying to sue him in the court, Whilst getting dressed I phoned Rugby solicitor Richard Best who agreed to meet me at Rugby police station. Mr Best assured me the matter would be soon resolved as I had a legal right to take court action under the Human Rights laws. Mr Best came to the police station & was told I was being held by order of The Fixated Threat Assessment Centre. This meant I was not entitled to legal aid. As Mr Best realised he would not be paid he went away without seeing me. As a result of this I was denied access to a lawyer and was held prisoner for four months as the NHS were told I was planning to kill Alderman Blundell a man I had only met once.
On the day of the civil court case the proceedings went ahead without me so Alderman Blundell was able to achieve an award of several thousand pounds. Under Human Rights laws all citizen have a legal right to take legal action in a court of law, But under Gordon Browns government my Human Rights were ignored. Under the charter signed by King John The Magna Carta no English person could be made a prisoner without due process of law.
On September 8th 2008 just after my release the Chief Executive of Warwickshire Police Alderman Eric Wood and Superintendent Martin Samuel came to my home representing Alderman Blundell. They told me that Alderman Blundell would agree not to take the money awarded for my non-appearance in court if I removed the website and stopped the Justice 4 Caroline campaign. As my wife was in tears I agreed. As far as I was concerned they were blackmailing us which is a further criminal offence against my family.
My family have made a lot of complaints to the Independent Police Complaints Commission as well as the previous Police Complaints Authority only one officer was disciplined Sergeant Phillip Growden pleaded Guilty to misconduct at an IPCC tribunal in November 2004. For the whole story email

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