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I have lived in the same Warwickshire village for all my married life ( 25 years). I have brought up my three children and have become very much a respected member of the community playing my part in organising community music events and joining the management of the local RBL club when I heard that it was likely to close. I was thus devastated when I found out that my 17 year old daughter had not only been raped but she had been simultaneously sexually assaulted, meaning that both of her attackers had entered her at the same time whilst she laid unconscious in the very children’s playground she played in during her carefree childhood. I have every belief that I will bring her attackers to justice eventually. So I have removed all reference to the names of the people involved so as to ensure a fair trial. Because of the behaviour of Warwickshire’s police and a CPS solicitor I have named and shamed them. I will call the man who raped my daughter Fatman and the man who indecently assaulted her Druggie because the first time I encountered him in 1996 he was dealing drugs on the street just across the road from the village Fish and Chip shop. I later heard he had been sent to a Young offenders institute. Besides these two men Druggie has a ‘bully boy’big brother who beat up one of the witnesses involved in this case, Tried to beat me up during a attempted car jacking on my moving car and was involved in an act of intimidation when staff from a leading Sunday newspaper came to report on our family’s story. Because of his first name I will call him “The Menace” after a character from a popular kids comic.